Know yourself

Test your body type

The chart given below is designed to help you assess your personal constitution. Be honest and observant and choose based on how you are not how you would like to be.For each factor, from the options given, put a tick over the doshic description that matches what you are or have been for most of your life

Physical Characteristics

.Body Frame

  Thin, Light, Delicate
  Large, Solid, Powerful
2 .Height
Exceptionally Short or Tall
Tall / Short, Sturdy
3 .Weight
Low / Below average
Medium / Muscular
Often overweight
4 .Skin
Cherished & Wrinkles
Oily and Smooth
5 .Face
Long, Angular, Chin often Underdeveloped
Heart Shaped Chin often Pointed
Large, Rounded, Full
6 .Eyes
Small and Unsteady
Reddish Cat Eyes
Wide and White
7 .Lips
Thin, Dark, Dry, Cracked
Soft, Pink / Copper Coloured
Thick, Full, Oily
8 .Teeth
Irregular and Spaced
Regular and Closed
Regular and Spaced
9 .Mouth
10 .Neck
Thin, Very Long or Very Short
Average, Proportionate
Solid, Tree Trunk type
11 .Stool
Irregular, Constipated, Hard, Dry
Regular, Loose
Slow, Plentiful, Heavy
12 .Speech
Talkative, often a Loose Talk
Talkative, always firm talk
Non-Talkative / Reserved
13 .Memory
Quick grasps, Soon forgets
Sharp and Clear
Slow to Learn, Never forget
14 .Emotions
Fearful, Anxious, Insecure
Angry, Judgemental
Greedy, Possessive
15 .Mind
Quick & Adaptable
Penetrating & Critical
Slow & Lethargic
16 .Weather Tolerance
Intolerance to Cold & Dry
Intolerance to Hot & Humid
Intolerance to Cold & Humid
17 .Temporament
Nervous or Fearful
Irritable or Impatient
Easy going
18 .Working Attitude
Self Starter / Thoughtless initiative
Self Starter / Measured initiative
Low initiative, need a push often
19 .Diet
Warm / Hot, Moist Food of Sweet, Sour, Salty Taste
Very Cold, Sweet / Bitter & Astringent Food
Light Warm, Sour & Astringent Food
20 .Sleep
Less & Disturbed
Sleepy & Lazy