AYURVEDA, The science of health and longevity, has been a continues presence since the dawn of human civilization. There have been a number of traditions in maintaining the continues health for human beings, being followed millions of years. Those include Naturopathy, herbal treatment and seasonal treatments. Over a period of time these vent into oblivion; for the singular reason those could not withstand the test of time and the changes those have taken place in the climate for years together. Thanks to the efforts of the sages and seers who by means of their three dimensional and the supra natural vision by means of fourth dimension. Its basic principle being- -- First strengthen the body. Once the body gets vitality slowly the diseases will fadeout; thus accumulating the power of immunity.


Understanding the plights of fellow human beings in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Shree Pandit Shathaavadhani, Ayurveda Acharya, Vedala Tirumala Venkata Ramanuja Swamy, has taken the step to provide healthcare, to the best of his ability by habituating Ayurvedic medicines, rather free of cost. Dr. VTV Ramanuja Swamy has gained knowledge through study of texts and practice on Ayurveda that bequeathed to him, as ancestral property added his in-depth knowledge in Vedo-Panishat literature particularly from the point of view of human health and longevity. That has enriched his knowledge and enthused him to prepare medicines with different permutations and combinations. Thus, discovering new drugs for the seasonal changes those occur for multiples of reasons.

Established in 1941 named as AYURVEDA KALA MANDIRAM in Lingampally area, Kachiguda cross roads, Hyderabad has been providing at most healthcare since then. It’s astonishing to know patient's queue in Ayurveda Kala Mandiram from 5 AM, all the way coming from distant places and different states, of not less than 600 to 1000 Kms. There will be at least 50 to 100 patients awaiting the treatment from the Dr's. It's the confidence of the patients that in getting satisfaction in curing their ailments-- once for all. To the ill luck of the patients, those kept confidence in Shree Dr VTV Ramanuja Swamy in 1969, he passed away at the ripen age of 95.


Dr. VTV Ranga Ramanuja Charyulu, the son and successor of the knowledge of Ayurveda got from his father added Yoga Therapy to the normal Ayurvedic system. It’s perhaps, a novel attempt by him, during the times. During his times, Ayurveda Kala Mandiram flourished not only the center for Ayurvedic Medicine but also Yoga therapy, for a number of years.

To fill the gap and build further confidence in the patients, his grandson Dr. VTV Ranga Charyulu, has taken up the burden of patients so pleasantly and helpfully.

Dr. VTV Ranga Charyulu, since his formative years, not only as his grandson but as his disciple of Dr. VTV Ramanuja Swamy as learnt the subject by observation and falling the discussions between Dr. VTV Ramanuja Swamy and the fellow Ayurvedic scholars of the times. Nay he studied Ayurveda and earned degree (BAMS) the courses in Ayurvedic Medicine from the Govt. Ayurvedic Medical College, Hyderabad. Cueing from his grand father’s footprints on the diagnosis and administration of medicines, from time bound to chronic diseases. Dr. VTV Ranga Charyulu, has combined his vast knowledge got from Dr. VTV Ramanuja Swamy as DNA code, and by further studying and correctly and quickly diagnosing the ailment in the body of patients and thus providing medicines for satisfaction of the self and the patients who returned to him in praise of his medicines and thanking him for providing health for them. It's neat less to say, he is considered as incarnation of Dhanvantari by his patients. He trained his sons and named of them after his grandfather Dr. VTV Ramanuja Swamy, and the second, after his family deity Shree Annavaram Satyanarayana Swamy as Satyanarayana Swamy.

Dr. VTV Ramanuja Swamy (Jr), has carefully studied and followed the legacy of his great grandfather and father in diagnosing and providing medicines for the ailment. Its wonder some to know presently some patients prefer him, than his father. At times, Dr. VTV Ranga Charyulu leaves some cases which are semi-complicated to Dr. VTV Ramanuja Swamy (Jr) the patients having satisfied with the medicinal therapy of Dr. VTV Ramanuju Swamy (Jr) to his father. That's what a father needs from his son.

To provide relief to the patients in their expenditure for travel to Hyderabad from districts and other states Dr. VTV Ranga Charyulu, Dr. VTV Ramanuja Swamy (Jr) adopted for visiting the select towns once in a fort night stayed there a couple of days and providing medicines to the patients of the area. The results being wonderful, they are continuing the same over years. Whereas, Dr. VTV Satyanarana Swamy has established a center in the Northern side of Hyderabad catering the needs of the patients of BHEL, Lingampally and Medak districts.

Since its establishment in 1941 till date Ayurveda Kala Manidram has been functioning as the end center for getting proper and eternal health care for over 75 years. True, when knowledge comes through DNA code and study of the same at University levels there cannot be any second opinion on the potentiality of the Ayurveda Kala Manidram in designing, drafting and executing the health of longevity of the people.